Turkish Bath Exfoliation Mitten-KESE


It is like your personal micro-dermabrasion session.

Undeniable gorgeous skin...it is a beauty tool that has been originated in Turkish Hammam.

Turkish Bath-Hammam is the oldest bathing rituals in the world, provides total purification and healing to the body using steam or hot water to relax, deep exfoliation to purify skin and remove toxins, and cold water to encourage hydrotherapy.

Purifying the skin and body in a Hammam is attributed to a deep exfoliation treatment performed using an exfoliating mitt commonly known as a ‘Hammam Kese’, meaning Exfoliating Mitten in Turkish. The use of a Hammam exfoliating mitten  is a culturally-recognized skin renewal treatment used by many people in Turkey and is a first-choice treatment for renewing and purifying the skin.

The fabric is woven with a century old technique using the finest grade of 100% natural poplar tree cellular threads. The texture will grip the top layer of the dead skin and pull it off and revealing soft, silky, smooth and vibrating young skin underneath

-It rolls the dead skin layer off your body and unclog the pores and let you skin breath.

-Less breakouts, wrinkles,stretch marks,cellulite,ingrown hair,and highly effective for Keratosis Pilaris.

-Controls blackheads and pigmentation

-Smooths out the scars.

-Face exfoliator (Silk and Lite)

-Encourages collagen and new skin cell growth

-Fight against oil and acne.

-Feeling of lightness and relaxation



-Wet the mitten in a warm water for 5 minutes before your first use.

-Squeeze the water ( Kese needs to be used damp not wet.)

-Wash yourself with hot and soapy water to soften the skin, more steam in the shower or bath, better the results. or soak in the bath tub.

-Turn the water off and wipe off any excess water with hands from body. Mitt works off friction with skin,so peeling may not occur on excessively wet areas.


-Place hand in the mitten and start to rub skin with long, firm strokes in upwards and downward motions until peeling.

-Apply moderate pressure on body using palm of hands not fingers and increase the pressure to desired intensity.

-Don't over rub the same area

-Skin will turn pinkish as circulation is promoted to the areas.

-During use, squeeze out excess water from the mitten continously for effectiveness


-Wash away peeled skin with cold-warm water to close the pores

-Rinse the mitten and squeeze out excess water (never use detergant) hang to dry.

-Apply Fig Botanicals Body Oil to moisturize your skin

**Please select the Exfoliation Mitten (Coarseness) as per your skin.

Silk and Lite  are great for sensitive skin and for face.

Medium  is for normal, dry and combination skin.

Thick  is for firm, oily and mature skin. Recommended for intense scrub. This coarseness is the one used by the Scrubbers in Turkish Hammam

Towel  is a medium coarseness of mitten one side( for exfoliation) and the towel  other side (for washing)

Back Scrubber  is medium coarseness and to use for back.

CAUTION: It is recommended to use only once a week.

SPECIFICATIONS: The mitten will slightly shrink with initial wash to blend fibers.

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