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Turkish Rose, Hydrosol


Toning, balancing, brightening...

100% natural, one ingredient only

Fig Botanicals' face mist, "Rose Water" has the essence of the rose plant but in a milder form. It is an aromatic water with healing benefits and has very mild pleasant fragrance.

Very gentle, not oily, mildly astringent (constrict and contract the tissue) which makes them amazing skin toner and prepares the skin for face oil and/or moisturizer.

Mist or put a few drops on a cotton ball and smooth over face. Spray or apply over hair after using shampoo or conditioner. Apply oil, lotion, moisturizer and makeup after toning skin. Enjoy the scent of the rose petals! The natural healing from rose petal rose water is an ancient natural beauty secret.

**Rose water is the natural byproduct of the steam distillation of the rose to extract rose essential oil.  The best flower waters ( hydrosol ) comes from the distillers who distills the plant to produce the flower water and Fig Botanials Rose Water is  produced this way.

They are safe to use directly on the skin without any dilution.


Rose Hydrosol : Distilled from Rose (Rosa damascene)

Part Used: Rose Blossom

Origin: Turkey

STORAGE: Keep tightly closed in a dark cool. 

Size: 1 oz.


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