Travel Skin ?

July 25, 2018

Travel Skin ?

I always suffered from travel skin. Especially after a long flight or a car trip, this was another inconvenience that I never wanted to deal with. I usually ended up having dry patches on my face,which were painful and irritating. Then when I am at my destination, there was another problem. Either hard water or being in the water all day, more dry skin, more irritation , this time all over my body. I usually felt and looked worst of myself at the first couple of days of almost all my travels.

When I discovered the power of oils, it was the end of the problem.
Years ago, I was traveling to Germany for a very short trip and I had to look decent for my God daughter's communion which was the next day of my arrival, so there was no time for any skin problems and looking miserable. I prepared a small package with my products and put them in my carry-on.
During the flight, I misted my face with my hydrosol and applied my face oil liberally, literally.
I looked shiny... and very shiny in fact. But that was okay, because the air in the plane doesn't forgive, it sucks every bit of moisture out of you in a very short period of time.
I applied every 2-3 hours, I did it right at my seat, no inconvenience other than some strange looks.
And first time in my life, I had absolutely no problem, no problem at all. I was touching my face, it was soft, and even dewy !!!!  I even felt more energy and less tired at the end of my trip

Since then the following set is my rescue in all my travels.This is a set I highly recommend to all of you.
You use them during your travel (airplane or car) and at your destination, you don't need anything else, just this little package.

All the sizes are carry-on liquid size, so you don't need to worry about carrying in the plane,

Travel Set includes
- Rose Hydrosol (Regular full size)
- Face Oil (Regular full size)
- Body Oil (2 oz.)
- Botanical Mist (hand cleanser)
You can buy by clicking here.

As you know, our shipping is only $3.50 to anywhere in USA and each online order comes with samples and surprises.

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